Drag Race ‘Em

Ice Break


Ice Break drinkers know that Ice Break Iced Coffee ‘Adds A Motor To Your Day’, and we know that fans of the brand love anything to do with motors. So after the success of the 2011 ‘Add A Motor To It’ content series we knew we had to go one better.

This time, to ensure increased engagement, we needed an idea that would involve the fans in the creation of the content, but importantly also had to tie into Ice Break’s yearly on-pack giveaway promotion.

Case Study


Although the brief was primarily about creating branded content we were also running a promotion, so the first job was to pick our prizes, and as a nod to Ice Break’s heartland following and brand essence of ‘Fearless Ingenuity’, we opted for four classic Aussie muscle cars.

To ensure desire for the prizes would be far more fervent than anything we’d seen before, we needed to create content that heroed the prize cars and ensured the fans would feel personally invested in them.

The idea

If there’s one thing muscle cars are great for, it’s drag racing. And if there’s one thing drag racing’s great for, it’s settling scores. So, to kick off the idea of drag racing to settle scores, we added motors, and drag raced our own campaign billboards.

The race film launched online to kick off the campaign.

Two outdoor billboards turned into dragsters and sent down the quarter mile.

The winning billboard was used across the national outdoor campaign.


Now that the fans knew we meant business, we took our four prize cars, headed to the strip, and asked the fans:

Their responses didn’t disappoint and the scores to settle were decided.


Great as the prize cars were, we wanted the fans to spend some quality time with them, and eventually begin to see them as much more than mere production vehicles. So with the help of the fans we got to work customising the cars to represent the scores to be settled.

Then, after a month of customisation… we drag raced ‘em.

The Races

In a shock to many real musicians, it seems Drum Solos actually rock harder than guitar solos.

And after so many years of wondering, we can now confirm that Kung Fu does indeed kick Sci-fi’s ass.


In addition to the main race films there were also shorter teasers featuring our drivers that built intrigue in the run up to the races.

Kung Fu vs Sci-Fi Teaser

Drum Solo vs Guitar Solo Teaser


After entering the promotion with an on-pack code, fans could double their entries in the draw by picking and sharing their allegiance with a particular muscle car.

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As many Ice Breakers live on their phones, a simplified mobile version of the site needed to mirror the functionality of the main site. In addition fans could pit their reflexes against one another in a simple drag race game that featured the customised cars from the races.